Tuesday, August 4, 2009

how (not) to complete a 1500 word essay

Sunday, 2 August. 1 day before deadline
1030 - Wake up. Get real motivated to start assignment "real early".
1200 - Still on Gizmodo.
1230 - Lunchtime. Must give self some "rest" while eating.
1400 - Urban Outfitters has some really nice stuff...
1530 - Start blasting music that D deems crap. Start reading journals.
1545 - Facebook is SO interesting.
1630 - A short nap would be nice...
1730 - Back to journals.
1800 - 2200 - Read journals. Facebook. Ebay. ooomg leather bags. All Saints. Who's that outside the window? Journals. Strawberries. Bejeweled.
2200 - OMG Facebook says my friends have finished but I have no intro yet OMG
2300 - 1 paragraph done. Rest.

Monday, 3 August. Deadline.
0400 - 3 out of 6 paragraphs done. McCoy's chips help me celebrate
0500 - Sunrise. 4 out of 6 paragraphs done. I WANT TO DIEEEE
0530 - Why didn't I start 5 days ago? *facepalm*
0615 - Done. Stagger to bed.
0700 - Good morning sunshine. Time for class T.T

9 more days like this to go in the month ahead. Whoopdeedoo.

The world according to kitty is a very nice one. I want to go to there.


denise said...

wtf. you is champion. hahahha. this is funny. and wat did i deem as crap music?? I'm open to most kinds of music wan!

fresh said...

HAHA! i kinda doubt that u're open to stuff like... oh, lil wayne's a milli and "bad music" from urban outfitters. u and ur indieness. :P

Lace said...

you and me both sista!