Monday, November 23, 2009

once upon a geeky time

... a boy met a girl on Flickr. Though they were miles apart, they came together with the help of the Photoshop fairy, and they lived happily ever after.

I can't believe I'm only learning about this now, but darnit if it's not now my favourite fairy tale of all time. Such is the story of Aaron and Rosie, who met on Flickr through their 365 projects and had the most fairytale-like romance with the decidedly geeky twist which melted my little geeky heart: Because they couldn't be together, once a week Aaron would take a photo of himself in the States, and Rosie would take one in England, and they'd put themselves in a photo, until they finally met in person and the rest is history. SIGH SO ROMANTIC.

And because it's Flickr, you know the photos are gonna be awesome - take a look at the set, which has the both of them in all sorts of surreal fairy tale pictures. And the descriptions! so heartbreaking sometimes. Aaron and Rosie edit the same shoots in different ways, and while I do kinda lean towards Aaron's work, Rosie's is no less impressive especially since she's only like 18 okay let me go hang my head in shame now bye T.T

Between that and religiously stalking Jasmine Star's blog (which happens to have the most brilliantly happily romantic wedding photos in the history of EVER faster go seeee), I keep getting this feeling that I've mellowed and emo-ed somewhat since traipsing back from Europe. Because you know, I'm really not the type to be happy over weddings and mushylove stuff. Oh and also my iTunes is also now as likely to be playing Michael Buble's Everything as something from Pitbull. hmmm.

And because now my posts are nekkid till there's a pikshar...

Happiness is summertime daisies =)

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