Saturday, November 21, 2009

rolling backwards

After less than a week back, there's been a job offer and an upcoming interview scheduled already. Lucky stars, thank ye. And yeah I guess some excitement or whatever is in order but dammit all I can think of now is how much I miss my home and my friends. Which is just nuts because I'm supposed to be the weird kid with no attachments to anybody. WTF IS WRONG WITH ME. But at least I'm feeling better than the nutter having a watery mental hemorrhage over anybody who'd listen a few days ago. sigh.

I miss all you guys sooo much =( And the times that we had!

This too I miss - one of my most favouritest views ever - Liverpool Cathedral from the back of the Dean Walters building. Accessible only to us Mass Comm. students (wheee!), and almost makes the half-hour walk to class worth it all. Alas, toomuchbloodysun and my poor lil Ixus make for a photo needing valiant salvation with much Photomatix and Photoshop.

That city is just so damn beautiful.

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