Saturday, December 5, 2009

i sees cheez

Highlight of the day:

Me: Hey I like your jeans! So nice!
Cheesie: Thanks!
Me: You got them at Baci right?
Cheesie: *squeals* Yeah how did you know?!
Me: Cuz I read your blog!
Cheesie + me: SQUEEEEE

Awww isn't she like the cutest thing ever. And really nice too omg I *heart* her and Vivien they're so niceee. So yeah yesterday night marks my first time doing the whole meeting people hi-nice-to-meet-you thing. And if you're actually reading this blog you probably know that this is when I usually BSOD. So that's another one of my.... issues... that I gotta work out before I get booted for being anti-social or something T.T

Which reminds me.... I really should go shopping for more clothes now. Without my shopping buddy. sniff. And with no cash FML. My moneyflow is so one-way now.


denise said...

be grateful and go shop! YES now okay!


cheesie said...

BSOD happens to me tooooo often T___T

fresh said...

[d] aih i shopped for like 2 hours before i got a fever and had to stop T.T damn sad lah.

[cheesie] hey thanks for dropping by! can't believe you'd BSOD too but you probably hide it way better than me. haha.

Lydia said...

shopping..i.miss.itttt.. sigh.sigh.

fresh said...

[lydia] aihh i feel your pain. off day off day come down and shop! see u tomorrow! :D :D

vvens said...

did i tell you that i *heart* you too! :D :D