Tuesday, December 1, 2009

so i am a non-bum

So I've only just had a much-needed bath after the 5 hour journey back here, even though I've been home for more than 4 hours. Because well, taking out 5 tonnes of trash and cleaning a place that both stinks and looks like it hasn't been introduced to a mop and broom since 1937 does tend to take up some time. Tough shit too, knowing that all that is gonna last all of maybe 1 day before I find 3 trash bags glaring balefully at me from 3 feet away. And I'm going to be sleep deprived. But dammit I will be happy.

HAPPY I say. Because in a few hours, I'll offically be the new ProbieNuffie. Nothing better to psyche you up for the first day of work like an orange office and friends who want your job. I love you friends. hurhur. So here's to a (hopefully) awesome job, more orange office time and less stinky room time.

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