Friday, December 25, 2009

tis the season to be jolly

I think the best Christmas gift is your salary coming in on Christmas Eve. Yesh I got paid for the first time woohoo. But if you're thinking about asking me how much moneh I can has, GO AWAY DOWAN FRIEND YOU. Because I'm still freakin poor... and my dear boss asked me to buy Blackberry lagi T.T OK so he was joking (I hope) but there's so much I wanna do now that I'm getting my own moneh. Like travel.

God I miss UK so much. What wouldn't I give to be able to shoot the autumn leaves and the frozen people in winter. And I can just imagine Paris being absolutely gorgeous this time of the year. sigh. Cold as it may be, my inner shutterbug is yearning to go out and just shoot for a day or two. I really miss doing the tourist thing... even if it is in Penang. *makes note to do a proper Penang shoot someday*

But being here kinda sucks out the inspiration somehow. I miss the simple days of vegetating and Photoshopping pics before I started working, which I don't get to do much these days cuz I don't shoot... and when I do my photos are so sad I can't bear to look at them :S

Anyway tis the season to be jolly.

And this makes me jolly! =D My Secret Santa present from Singaporean Nuffie Elaine - stuff from Sephora which we cannot has in Malaysia. That alone makes me jolly sigh I'm so easily bought. It also smells like caramel toffee which is SO AWESOME okay. The Singaporean Nuffies are all so sweet btw.

This is from Boss Ming for everyone! Cool gift even though I'm not in it =( Hopefully I will be though the next time there's a pic like that. Yes I know my recent pics are ugly see I told you T.T

Just to prove what an epic failure I am as a shutterbug, I didn't bring Charlie along for the company Christmas dinner. sigh what is wrong with me wtf. On the other hand, you  know you're the one with the awesome job when you can get your boss to do this:


Merry Christmas everyone! *throws popcorn and confetti*


Angel said...

Just dropping by.. Great to know ure part of the Nuff team.. Love the Nuff team.. Real fun! Woohoo~~ Anyway, just wanna wish a (belated) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :)

fresh said...

hey angel! glad to know u love us nuffies :D happy new year to you too!

Kancilbiru said...

Hye there...just dropping by.. U r Nuffies Must be exciting working wt Nuffnang....I taught nuffies don't own any blog..owh, Rob owns a blog rite...hehe...

fresh said...

hi kancilbiru! yup it's cool working at nuffnang hehe. and yeah fehmes robb has a blog too :D it's kinda a requirement that we have a blog to work here actually. lol