Sunday, January 17, 2010

the fiery moments

I think most twilights (hurhur) these days where I am have been of the 'blue hour' type.

Not that blue evenings are not pretty, but it's nice to see a properly fiery sunset sometimes. =)

17 days in

Gooood morning lazy Sunday!

And yeah it's 17 days into 2010 already but it's only my first post of the year. I get a free pass cuz I don't blog for a living (heehee), but I guess I gotta maintain some semblance of updating now that there's a... sudden influx of passerbys here O.O But blogging without pictures now feels so wrong. bleargh.

Which is why although my life for the past month has been colourful enough to fill up my excitement quota for a few months, I haven't been blogging much - I'm probably sleeping half the time I'm free to blog, and since I can't take many photos while I'm working, I don't really feel like blogging about whatever event it is anymore T.T Poor Charlie's feeling so neglected these days.

Besides, you can always read about those events from other top bloggers anyway. Like the time I was in a tumultuous marriage with the notorious for about 30 seconds, in which he decided to openly cheat on me with Robb, and I promptly stabbed him to death cuz y'know, I'm already insecure as it is and he goes and boinks a dude who looks prettier than me. Hell hath no fury like a Fresh scorned! So much for the much-hyped marital bliss. =/ OK fine that was all pretend for the Astro B.yond Bloggers Night but still, it was quite a bit of fun for the month. :D Oh and you can find my gay hubby's long-ass post about it here ;)

Some things I have to blog about myself though. Like Ne-Yo's concert. Definitely the highlight of the month, and I still can't believe I was only about 20 feet away from him, thanks to the almost VIP seats Robb gave me! But again, no photos. Because I thought that I wouldn't be able to take photos there anyway, only to see about 4859218 cameras flashing away at the concert. T_____T I could've had the most awesomest photos ever okay FML x infinity. Whatever. I shall remember the awesomeness of the concert and the hawtness of Ne-Yo with his zomg-so-sexy tattoos with THE SHEER POWER OF MY MEMORY.

So yeah. Two of the more interesting things that I've experienced so far this year. If you ask nicely when you see me maybe I'll tell you more :P And there's also this sneaky and awfully familiar... thing that I've been feeling these days, which I haven't felt for quite some time. I guess old habits die hard, and I always go for precisely the things I know will never end in anything good. OK no more emo shit for now. Here's to hoping this year will be better than the last!