Saturday, February 20, 2010

the ghost of CNY past

It's Chor 7 of CNY already, so happy birthday everyone! Somehow it feels like such a long time ago that I was back in Penang for CNY.

Not that I'm not a fan of CNY, but I had way more enthusiasm for CNY as a kid than I do lately. Maybe all things are just better viewed from the eyes of a 3.5ft tall child.

I remember staying up excitedly every CNY eve when I was a kid together with my sister. We'd always get all the spring cleaning done just in time, and I'd be a busybody hovering around my mom while she cooked some dessert thing, which till this day I've no idea what it's called in English. It's the one with all the stuff like red dates, gingko and fungi stuff... nevermind, I'm making it sound horrible. It's still one of my favourite things about CNY actually :) My mom would also always let me stick some red paper on the fruits for the gods, because my arts and crafts skills were so l33t wtf.

At midnight, I'd bounce around for a while at the sound of firecrackers, nevermind that I stopped being able to actually play with any after the age of like 6 when they were outlawed :( And I'd then get my first (or sometimes second) angpow of the year from my mom happily with my sister. We both have a 'treasure chest' which we keep our angpows in until the end of CNY, upon which we'd pour everything out, and I'd fish the $$s out while my sister checked the angpows to see if I left anything out before we disposed of them. I almost threw RM 10 away once wtf T_T

My treasure chest :D

If you're wondering why that photo is kinda fail and quite unlike my usual pwetty photos *hacking cough*, that's because...

...I took it with my new Blackberry which I got this CNY eve :D Thanks to my awesome dad teehee. It's the Bold 9700! And it is the awesomesauce hohohoho. [/showoff]

Thing is, getting the BB was probably the thing I was happiest about this CNY, other that the fact that I got to go back to Penang. CNY just isn't quite the same for me any more; there's generally a lot less hype, and a lot more bickering. I've always considered myself pretty lucky that my whole extended family on both sides generally get on pretty nicely, but well... let's just say clinging to my Berry and being antisocial helped me get through some rough yaks this CNY.

Well that was CNY 2010 for me; hope you had a great CNY! Now excuse me while I go digest the yee sang/steamboat I had for dinner with yee-sang-obsessed Robb and Zach just now.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

new year, old town

At this time tomorrow, I'll be in the old hometown already, probably unconscious to the world, as I'm apt to do on days I'm not slaving away in the office. *cough* FMypoordad'sLife, he's gonna have to pick me up from the bus station at the ungodly hour of like 4am or something tomorrow seeing as I'm leaving at 11pm later. I sure hope my parents miss me enough to do that for me hurhur. I never understand why public holidays + Penang = everyfreakinbody converging on Penang like it's going out of style in 2 days.

Burgerz! Damn I wish I could stay longer for teh epic Penang noms, but sadly it would be but a pendek break of 5 days only this CNY =(

Wish I could just sit and chill at home more in this time but what to do eh, relatives and friends are aplenty. Well, work's all good for now and going to the office is always fun so I guess I won't have too much of post-CNY depression when I come back =/

Anyway to everyone out there who's celebrating CNY, happy CNY and may your yee sang be awesome and your angpows be bursting with RM 100 notes wtf.

Monday, February 8, 2010


Cuz it's cool seeing things from above. Lots of times I've been one of those tiny pedestrians crossing the road but I never realised how pretty the view from the top is. Piccadilly-esque, if you will. :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

my dream in the year of the tiger

... is to travel. Yalah a very normal, common dream only lah. What were you expecting?

Nuffnang's gonna have a Tiger Run this weekend where the winner gets RM 8,888 of his/her dreams fulfilled, with a cash prize of RM 1,888 also, so... I hantam also lah. But unlike Huai Bin's dream that caused Epic Mass Squealing (TM) in my orange office some time ago, my dream is simply to travel alone, with my lil Charlie for company. =)

It's mainly for the photogeek in me, really. I like the thought of being able to take in the sights at my own pace, seeing the little everyday things that tourists miss and just capturing the moments of life as it is for people there.   Because while the classic shots like this...

... are always awesome, wandering around alone gave me the chance to see the quiet old town of Nice...

... and this view of the Nice harbour which I would've missed if I hadn't insisted on climbing a whole lot of stairs again (in a drizzle, too) without my friends... ah, nevermind the details. :P

So yeah. Since I've been to my favouritest city in the world, which would be Rome, the next city I'd really, really like to check off my list is NYC. w00t!

I've always been drawn to New York since forever, and I recently stumbled across a couple of NY photoblogs - MDPNY, Bluejake and Joe's NYC - that show the beauty through all the grime and grit of New York. I love photoblogs like these and it would be so awesome if I could have New Yorky photos of my own.

And I somehow got the price of RM 4,085 for a return ticket to Los Angeles, so I'm wildly guessing and adding on like, uh, RM 1,000 so that I can take a connecting flight to New York and back? Yeah I'm not very good with calculations, see. So the remaining RM 3,803 and cash prize of RM 1,888 for the grand prize winner would be really useful since I think I'd be absentmindedly blowing cash down Fifth Avenue or something with a cloudy mind like mine. sigh.

If you wanna get the chance to rob me of my dream, all you gotta do is blog about your dream in the Year of the Tiger and send in the permalink of your entry to Do head on over to the Tiger Run microsite here for more details. Very easy only one. Don't let the word 'run' put you off, it's really not that long of a run and nothing that would kill the average Nuffnanger; trust me on this one :P