Thursday, February 11, 2010

new year, old town

At this time tomorrow, I'll be in the old hometown already, probably unconscious to the world, as I'm apt to do on days I'm not slaving away in the office. *cough* FMypoordad'sLife, he's gonna have to pick me up from the bus station at the ungodly hour of like 4am or something tomorrow seeing as I'm leaving at 11pm later. I sure hope my parents miss me enough to do that for me hurhur. I never understand why public holidays + Penang = everyfreakinbody converging on Penang like it's going out of style in 2 days.

Burgerz! Damn I wish I could stay longer for teh epic Penang noms, but sadly it would be but a pendek break of 5 days only this CNY =(

Wish I could just sit and chill at home more in this time but what to do eh, relatives and friends are aplenty. Well, work's all good for now and going to the office is always fun so I guess I won't have too much of post-CNY depression when I come back =/

Anyway to everyone out there who's celebrating CNY, happy CNY and may your yee sang be awesome and your angpows be bursting with RM 100 notes wtf.


kenwooi said...

happy CNY! and it's impossible for me to get rm100 angpows.. lol =P

fresh said...

happy CNY to you too kenwooi :) maybe this year might be a first with the RM 100 angpows? hehe.

benooi said...

hmmh hmmh nice shot!