Friday, March 12, 2010

one of those days

Today it's just been one of those days. One of those days where everything needs to be done nao. One of those days where it all makes me wonder if I'm not quite living up to the expectations and hopes others have towards me. One of those days which makes me paranoid about my job security :S

Because while others always seem able to keep their shit together, I drown in the loose ends and fret over being unable to get stuff that seems so simple done. Working where I do introduced me to a few people which I've gained much respect for, like @timothytiah, @sotongzai, @sixthseal and @jstna. Especially Robb, who's always got my back and looks out for me, even on days off *kamtongsniff*. If you read this Robb, do not get too happy and smirk or I will loop Justin Bieber on the speakers I stole from you until your ears shrivel up and dai.

OK my eyes are burning, I'm messing up all my passwords (why the hell does Project Alpha have so many different logins dammit), and I'm messing up 'their' and 'there'. And I have about 200 emails to compile and a blog post to draft and omaigad I need my pink Post-It. Will blog about happier stuff soons, promise T.T