Wednesday, April 21, 2010

look ma, my name's on tv

I know, I've been a bad bad blogger. Kinda ironic that the more I work in the world of blogging, the less time I have to update my own blog. So yeah. Here's my post for the month of April, even if uncle KY says that blogging once a month doesn't count. teehee.

The only thing interesting enough for me to blog about at this time would be Project Alpha I suppose, considering it's the reason I'm going blind and nuts simultaneously with Excel spreadsheets and interrupted Youtube uploads every day. If you haven't been chatting with me lately to know what's Project Alpha (which would make me very sad btw), it's an online reality TV show about ze Malaysian top bloggers, which ain't half bad actually and I'm not saying that just because I'm involved with it :D

Season 2 just premiered yesterday, and about 2 weeks ago there was a press conference and Bloggers' Launch where all the fehmes stars of the show turned up.

So 8 am on 7 April saw me schlepping off to The Curve for the press conference, which was... a press conference lah, I dunno what else I can say about press conferences that you don't already know. Photos, they is here. After that, I hung around with the Kyanite crew and a few of the bloggers while they went to the P1 office for a shoot. And it's at this time only I remembered that I was LOLing at this epic lighter that one of the featured bloggers, Klubbkidd carries around:

Hahahaha. I think I wanted to tweet about it at that time but got distracted by... god knows what and forgot all about it until now. Yeah I know lah I damn blur FML.

After shooting for a few hours there, we all carried our half-dead selves back to The Curve for the Bloggers' Launch, which was kinda like a dinner/meet-and-greet thing with a movie after. Meriah sekali. And I had no camera and no time to take a lot of pictures because apparently I was busy stalking around emanating lots of stress vibes the whole night. Or something like that. SAD MAX AH.

I kinda realise now that a part of me wishes I didn't have to attend events as part of my work because I don't get to take lotsa photos T_______T As a result, I have to resort to something I absolutely hatehatehate doing for this blog post, which is to steal photos. Just to... um, prove that I was there =.=

This one I stole from the awesome Kimberlycun, whom I immediately decided I heart max ever since she called me a n00b for not having a Twitter app on my old LG Cookie :P And behind us Shaolintiger makes a guest photobomb appearance -.-

And as you can see, this one was stolen bulat-bulat from Niki because that budak Cheong always had a problem with sending me photos :P I die die steal because I really like this photo okay teehee.

Official pictures of the Bloggers' Launch here! But for more fun and LOL-worthy pictures, look for Kim, Niki and Audrey's posts about the launch :)

Ooh and guess what?! My name is in the credits for the show!! :D Seriously. Check out the first episode - around the 5.45 mark my name appears under the 'Nuffnang Core Team' section!

OK lah it's only my name there but still! My hard work is recognized on screen *tears of joy*

Um. I'm done being happy and syok sendiri so I gtg sleep and stock up on the mental strength to face more Excel spreadsheets later wtf. But last thing before I go - the trailer for Season 2, which I really like :)

*bounces around happily*