Sunday, May 2, 2010

tick-tock, clip-clop

It's a good thing I don't write for a living, because if I did I'd probably be jobless, destitute and wandering around Genting Klang with unwashed hair. I totally suck at this coming up with interesting stuff to blog about thing.

Maybe it's because like D discovered a few months before - our lives now pretty much rotate around a bright LCD screen until we collapse on our collective beds every night. I think she put it much more elegantly than me. As much as I love my job, sometimes I wish we all - our society in general, I mean - didn't have to bust our asses so hard just to survive.

Time just passes by so fast. Last week, a colleague left and took half the company by surprise. A college friend's father passed away suddenly. Somebody asked me how one of my closest friends in college was doing now, and I didn't know the answer. And today, chatting with the dobi lady downstairs, I suddenly realised I haven't seen one of my ex-housemates for almost a year. At moments like this, I just think that for whatever reasons, we don't make the time to just chill with the people around us. And sometimes we don't even realise it.

Oh well. Been looking through some photos I took ages ago and never saw the light of day. Since I'm in the office all the time, here's one of the view from my side of the office:

Not too shabby eh? :)

And this here is my beeg mug, which was Tim's Christmas present to all of us last year. It's totally awesome because
1) It's got my name on it! How often do you get that?
2) It's big enough to be filled with 2 gallons of water at once or something like that, because God forbid I have to keep walking 15 feet to the water cooler. Yes I'm a sloth like that, don't judge me.

Back when Yee Hou was still around, we used to play a little game which I call 'Marginalise the Intern'. It basically entails a few of us (usually Yee Hou, Robb and me) clinking our Christmas mugs with names together in front of the intern (then Christy) and going, "Ah, it's nice to be part of the family, ain't it?" And we'd watch and laugh as Christy went T______T

Here's Christy! I miss Chwisty :( And we're not as evil as you think, I swear :D I think our intern now, Veen Dee is doing pretty okay except for the time we fake-fired her on her first day, which was April Fool's... okay we're horrible people WTF.

So yeah. If for some strange reason you like my writing very much and are disapppointed that I don't update often, please follow this blog instead, where I occasionally write with too many exclamation marks.