Monday, June 28, 2010

no amish rugrats, thanks

While there are roars coming about 5 minutes apart from the mamaks downstairs from ENG vs GER, I'm aimlessly looking through old photos I took a year ago in Liverpool 'cuz I have no kaki(s) to go catch the matches with anyway. *shrugs*

So I realised that while I took plenty of pictures of non-moving stuff like buildings, trees, grass, rocks and the likes, I managed to not really get any photos of the people in the places I went to :( Which makes me sad-ish 'cuz now there are no reminders of the cute angmoh babies I saw - pretty much the only babies who'd ever made me go "Awwwww" instead of "Whaddafak do I do with these again?" Yeah I'm horrible like that :P I think I've improved somewhat though, at least now I'm just clueless about small-sized humans instead of visibly blanching at the sight of them.

And I somehow started thinking: What would it be like for this generation of ours to raise kids? With all the teknologeee that we have, I mean. It used to be that our parents/grandparents would tell us that they had to cross 2 rivers and jump over 3 pigs and a goat to get to school every day (or something like that) and we'd have to take their word for it 'cuz there's no Facebook photos, blogs or anything else to tell us otherwise. Parents were parents - the people whom you just can't quite imagine doing nasty shit when they were young. Or being young at all o.O

All these social media stuff that we have now could turn out to be quite a pain when we're trying to bring up kids, methinks. It's fine if you have say, a food blog like uncle KY 'cuz his kid would be all "My dad's a fehmes food blogger, how many hits does your dad get a day? *snob*" But I think my kid would be a nightmare if she (I like to think it'd be a smartass girl) found out about my blog/Twitter or whatever. Imagine this maybe 15 years down the road:

Me: Where'd you pick that up? That's a bad word. Stop saying that!
6-year-old smartass kid: NO! You curse a lot on your blog and Twitter too Mommy. HA HA!
Me: *gritted teeth* Bitch.

Yeah. Well on the bright side, at least that kid's smart and tech-savvy. I have this irrational fear that my kid would instead, by some freaky twist of fate turn out to be some Amish person who likes listening to country music. Not that that means that my kid's bad or anything, but really. I can't imagine my life without clutching the cool glass surface of my iPod Touch, getting numb-thumb syndrome from tapping away on my BB, or hearing that satisfying whoosh-snap from my Charlie every time I take a picture. I dunno if I could take my kid being the total opposite of gadget geek mom T___T

Oh hey! Old photo that I posted before; looks like I got an angmoh kid photo after all :P Awwww.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

ohaiz i am making no sense

Mind noodles. That's what I called them and that's pretty much how I'd describe it now.

I thought everything was fine, and it was. But sometimes the stripey tape and cautionary signs are put there for a reason; once you pass them, some things start less and less sense. Like this post. I wish Blogger had a password protect function to protect you from this drivel, but it doesn't so I'm sorry, here I present my tangled mind noodles on my blog.

Maybe it's that goddamned Nobody song driving me nuts, or maybe it's 'cuz I carry the burden of many at once. Either way, I don't know what to think now. For I saw what you wrote, and it was heartbreaking.

Monday, June 21, 2010

pizza and booze are best friends foreva

Am blogging about this rather late but what the heck. Better than totally forgetting about my photos as usual teehee.

So last Saturday a few of us Nuffies suddenly decided that it would be a good time to make our own pizza. And by a few of us, I mean Michelle and Firdy were making the pizzas, Veen Dee helped and the rest of us took pictures and generally got in the way.

The making of a pizza, totally sped up:

Lots of mushrooms...

... throw in colourful capsicums...

"But Grandmother, what big eyes you have! O.O"

... some mushed-up tomatoes as the sauce mmmm....

... uhh my photos of the pizza base and the pepperoni seem to have gone missing...

... and voila! We can has pizza! :D

OK I probably should've had a warning ahead that this wasn't gonna be Pizza-Making 101 cuz of the sad lack of photos and elaborashun. Because by the time I took the photo of the pizza, I was valiantly trying to maintain some semblance of sobriety -.- Yalah I was damn drunk that night FML. And the source of our drunkenness/buzzedness:

mmhmmm. Sixthseal/Boozeseal as helpfully nicknamed by Rachel. Please note that the above picture is not an accurate representation of Sixthseal as it DOES NOT INVOLVE HIM HOLDING A BOTTLE OF WHISKEY. Dude has abnormal tolerance for alcohol, so FOL for us who can't keep up with him. It goes something like this:

- Normal people are tipsy
- Normal people start slurring and making less sense
- Sixthseal is totally unaffected
- Normal people start wobbling around like Jello
- A small hippo is knocked out
- Sixthseal is finally drunk

So yeah. Can't remember a lot of stuff, but most importantly I remember that apparently I rock at Wii bowling, play the piano quite passably, and can take okay-looking photos, all while totally inebriated. I consider that a win :P There's a video around of me playing the piano while Michelle and Sixthseal are all yay karaoke, but I'm not posting that so that those of you who haven't seen me drunk before can go back to remembering me as the person whose only vice is cursing a lot in Hokkien. hehehe.

Anyway since this is totally useless as an "event coverage" post, how 'bout a few pictures of the people I hang out with nowadays instead:

Spot! OK no I don't see Spot a lot but I couldn't resist cuz Spot is so cute :D Spot is our awesome host Linda's doggie.

And this is Spot's human, Linda on the left, and Rachel on the right. Why yes, my colleagues are hot. I swear everyfreakinbody in the office looks like that. Does wonders for my self-esteem every day.

Here's Linda again, with Sara and little Veen Dee! I'm gonna miss Veen Dee when she goes soon :(

Aha group shot! L-R behind me: Michelle, David, Rachel, Sara, Veen Dee and Firdy

♥ the Nuffies :)