Tuesday, July 27, 2010

the start of my wish list

If I had this T-shirt it would probably be my favouritest one ever :P

Handmade by Monika T-shirt, by Ewa B. | LOOKBOOK.nu

WANT!! This is one tee I know I can rock for sure. heehee.


And speaking of things I want, the iPad's gotta be on that list too (surprise,surprise!!). Thought about entering Munchy's Mimic to the Muzic contest cuz they're giving out like THREE iPads OMG. But after I calmed down I realised that you'd have to make music with your mouth to enter, and the most musical thing that comes out of my mouth most of the time goes something like 'ppppbbbbttlehhhhhh'. FML. If you think you can do better than me, go give it a shot at http://munchysmuzic.com; extra win of RM 500 is in store if you're a Nuffnanger :D