Thursday, September 2, 2010

do you want fries with that

I know, I don't blog enough, and if I had 1 kupang for every time someone huffed at me about the lack of updates, I would have enough to buy... a medium double cheeseburger McValue meal. wtf.

Because when I don't think about it too much, time just seems to pass by in big slurps without anything happening that I feel the need to sit down and blog about... with the exception of a few things that I don't talk about :S

I think the best way to describe it is like when you're happily slurping a Coke at McD's while spewing a string of Inception theories at your friends, and you suddenly slurp in a mouthful of air which tells you that you ran out of Coke. And then you feel cheated because there's no way you reached the bottom of the paper cup so fast. sigh.

The funny thing about doing what I do though, is that for some things, it doesn't really matter if you don't blog about it because about 50 other people probably did (complete with your mugshots, mostly), and so there will always be a bit of you floating around in someone's archives. Probably not the best way to get about it but hey, sometimes they tell it better than I do ;)

It's not so much about the writing for me now, because god knows I spend enough time wringing the witty out of my brain at work; I never could understand how some people could hold down full-time jobs while regularly churning out brilliant blog posts (and regularly too, mind you). It's the picture-taking I miss.

I miss being a student, and the life I left behind a year ago.

I miss those I rarely meet now, the company which made traveling fun.

Most of all, I miss the places where I just felt inspired to capture every moment I spent there.

I think I just need to be able to see the beauty in little everyday things again. And just living a little helps too... for which I'm happy for every chance I get :)


KY said...

wah damn artistic u fresh!

Huai Bin said...

AH! You need a nice break. Come let's go Hanoi during Raya break! =D

I booked my tix dy.

fresh said...

KY: tenkiu uncle! you also not bad ah :P

huai bin: booked already only tell me for what, ish =.=