Monday, September 13, 2010

the evolution of pants

So it was raining this morning, the huge thunderstorm-and-45-degree-raindrops kind of rain, so naturally by the time I reached the office I was basically soaked from the knees down. Jeans, they take an eternity to dry off so I was getting increasingly agitated with my damp jeans clinging sadly onto my calves and I was all HULKFRESH inside and wanted to just tear the damn things in half so I'd be left with dry, knee-length shorts wtf.

And then I suddenly recalled, much to my horror, that those things actually existed and were sold commercially once upon a time. Y'know, the atrocities which looked like this:

Those stupid pants. Does anyone else remember them? They were everywhere at one point in time, and I used to think it was so cool because they were two freakin' pairs of pants in one. HELLO DAMN VALUE FOR MONEY CAN. If you ever get tired of wearing your normal long jeans, just unzip the bottom part and ta-dah, you have sna-suku (3/4) pants!! WTF. Thankfully, I never did actually have a pair of my own, mainly due to the fact that I was blessed with short stubby legs which made either one of the er, pant-lengths possible look utterly ridiculous on me.

And then there were the flared pants, which refused to RIP together with the 60's. Or was it the 70's? Those too started off kinda cool but then everybody had to go and try to out-flare everybody else and next thing you know, people were flapping noisily around in flares big enough to house a homeless man and a picnic basket underneath. Maybe I saw more of it because I used to hang out in Prangin Mall at that time (god save my soul). I dunno.

Fortunately most of time pants in general are not too outlandish, because jeans and a tee are pretty much what you'll find me wearing about 80% of the time. I'll probably be looking back at this in about 10 years and laughing at how stupid skinny jeans are cuz everybody wears carbon-fiber pants which have a hole cut in the knees or some shit like that, but what the heck, fashion is one thing everybody's a victim of. Which reminds me, I'm wearing out my favourite pair of skinny jeans out really fast. Where can I find petite skinnies for £15 here? T___T

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