Thursday, September 16, 2010

just the way you are

You don't often see me being mushy, but I just can't help but melt a little inside at this song :)

I think the video didn't disappoint, because thank god there are no massive making-out scenes or generic spaced-out girls with their asses hanging out - it's just really simple and sweet, like the song itself. And of course, I've always had a soft spot for guys who play the piano :P

I said the girl should've been slightly hideous so the whole you-hate-yourself-but-I-think-you're-gorgeous thing would be more believable. Michelle said that if this were a Chinese song with the video produced in Taiwan, at some point the girl would probably have a great fall in slow motion and become crippled, but later when she could get up and walk, the guy would gaze deeply into her tear-filled eyes and sing the chorus to her. Hahahaha sigh we crack ourselves up sometimes.

You know how sometimes you feel like you're all alone with your troubles, and nobody would ever understand what you're going through? It always seems that way, but then songs like this, and Airplanes come along, and they seem to touch a chord with everybody. And then you see that your pain is the same story lived by so many others - just told a different way.

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