Thursday, September 2, 2010

tumpang glamour

Okay since I always need an excuse to blog, might as well grab this chance to be all Blogger Bestari (TM) and tumpang glamour at the same time :P

About two weeks back, I was in the office on a Saturday debating whether to go back and sleep or go shopping and dent my bank account after I was done, when I got a call from Huai Bin asking me if I could help him and Cindy out with a video they needed to shoot. Why not, I figured, and so I promptly canceled my thrilling plans for a Saturday afternoon.

So armed with Huai Bin's little compact cam, I played Little Miss Videographer for 5 hours, and am proudly a (invisible) part of this video shot for the Arthur's Day Man of Action contest!

Yup, it's Love the Way You Lie by Eminem & Rihanna, originally with Dominic Monaghan (I secretly call him Charlie Lost) and Megan Fox. If you haven't watched the original before, you HAVE to watch it to appreciate the attention to detail in this version :D Huai Bin and Cindy were awesome in their dedication to getting everything right, and Haze was the one who did all the seriously epic editing, fire and all. fuhhh.

Huai Bin's got a bit of funny behind-the-scenes stories on his post (see, this is why I told you I don't bother blogging any more :S) which is worth a read, it includes a couple of videos too. I didn't know he uploaded those blooper reels, this one in particular is damn stupid wan:

HAHAHA. One thing though - I can never get over HOW MUCH I SOUND LIKE A DUDE FML FOREVER T________T To all of you whom I talk to every day, I am so sorry that my trannyvoice has to grate on your unwilling ears on a regular basis :( Next time, please strangle me in conversation so that I talk 3 octaves higher, thanks.

And finally if you're thinking of asking me how I felt while filming all the hot and heavy action, please don't, 'cuz I don't know what answer you're expecting. What IS the correct answer in these kind of situations anyway? o.O

A. "It's all so violent T___T"
B. "Erm, shift your hand to the left a bit, yah like that."

Totally WTF all. Nevermind. OK lemme go loop that song now bye.


Huai Bin said...


Fresh you're as witty as wit comes (does that make any sense?)

Thank you so much for being the videographer. T_T


KY said...

if u sound like a dude, i sound 10x duder!

pinky tham said...

erm hahaha you know which is my answer fresh! hahha

fresh said...

HB: haha thanks but if you lay off the ETOH it'll be 10x less witty :P *pats*

KY: you're a dude, you're ALLOWED to sound like one T_________T

pinky: hahaha you ah!!!! gonna miss your boobyhugs woman!

keithc said...

hey fresh..

heard u on the videos. u seriously sound like a dude? its totally unbelievable. i must see it myself. :P

fresh said...

keithc: nooo T_T i don't sound dude-ish enough on the video? hahaha

Mohd Zaid said...

huaaaa.. so hot ma.. i like this video.. :D

Charmaine said...

Where got dude-ish? You think too much only LOL