Tuesday, October 5, 2010

all hail prince ludwig of bavaria

… because he is the good man that gave us Oktoberfest; it first started off as a celebration of his marriage 200 years ago. Clearly, people have always appreciated any reason at all for them to drink barrels of beer. :D

One of the things that I wished I could’ve done when I was in Europe last year was to extend our stay so that we could experience Oktoberfest in Germany but alas… if I’d stayed any longer I’d probably be so broke I’d have to hijack a gondola back here. :S Nemai. Since I couldn’t go to Oktoberfest, Oktoberfest has come to me!! WTF.

Last Friday, Yuenny, Jacqkie, Michelle and I went for the launch of this year’s Oktoberfest celebration at Souled Out. We endured spectacular traffic jams and a couple of massive wrong turns to get there, and we were already stressed out from work earlier so we really needed the beer when we finally arrived.

Upon registration, we each got one of these ginormous glasses (called steins, apparently)…

… which we were then told we could use to get free-flow beer during the event. I swear I heard an angel chorus in my brain at that moment, and our faces all lit up like a row of Times Square billboards. Those glasses have a 1 litre capacity by the way. Heehee. We wasted no time in filling the glasses up…

… and here I am being all HAPPYFRESH with my 1 litre of Kilkenny :D

There was quite the carnival atmosphere going on there, there were Oompah band performances, German folk dances and some cool games too. One of them was where you had to compete in pairs to roll a barrel up a slope thing, and another one was like this three-legged race that we used to play in primary school, except you’re both holding a full stein of beer while doing it. Hahaha. Oh, and there were plenty of Bavarian milkmaids around too *wiggles eyebrows*:

The other Nuffies were planning to join us later, so after an awesome dinner of sauerkraut and jumbo sausages (MMMM), we just chilled and messed around lots with Yuenny’s camera (all pictures are from her too, shame on me I know)…

… and by 10-ish, our table was crowded with Nuffies (and boyfriends) all eager to drink.


We got rebuked by a disgruntled Kadazan for not finishing our 1 litre of beer each before they came. :S Hey, give us a break, we’re not the designated alcoholics at Nuffnang okay? :P It was all good fun though; we spent the next hour or so talking about more nonsense and laughing at Linda, who primly announced that the beer was getting to her after all of two and a half sips.

Oh Chubbs. I love you, Chubbs. Don't you love me too, seeing as I didn't post the photo that Jacqkie posted? HAHAHA oops.

Anyway, Oktoberfest is happening all this month so there are awesome promotions at GAB outlets everywhere. There’s this RM 50 for a litre of Tiger beer promotion going on, and remember that huge beer stein of mine? If you buy your beer in one of those steins, you get to keep it!! Mine’s currently sitting on the kitchen table scaring my housemates. There are apparently different designs available at different outlets, so let’s go collect all the different designs and we can make a little beer stein family WTF. There are a couple more other promotions; check them out at http://oktoberfest.com.my. So many drinks, so little time. AIH.


pinky tham said...

me and the kadazan want some beer now! now now now! hahahhaha

fresh said...

awwwwww pinky you so fast comment i lupp you long time!! YAMSENGGGGGGG wtf

Michelle Zyenn Teh said...

YAM SENGS together! weeee! This is the real FS4N kan?

Jess said...

i was there toooooooo!!! but last night's one hehe. super fun i had dearie! didnt get to spend much time chatting w you cos was so excited running around exploring all the acitvities hehe!

fresh said...

michelle: indeed! :D

jess: hahaha issokayyy some other time lah!