Sunday, October 17, 2010

overheard in nuffnangMY

Sometimes, when you're around a bunch of crazy people 5 days a week, you gotta take some time to remember some of the stupid stuff that goes on around here. Most of the time that stuff goes on Twitter, but it all also gets lost in the wilderness of Twitterville all too soon. So I've been doing a little compilation of funny things Nuffies say either in person, through email or MSN that sometimes don't make sense then, and make even less sense when totally taken out of context Overheard in New York style. Or are just plain WTF however you look at it. Please refer.

Yuenny: It's about the length of armpit hair...

Robb: Oh the great god of Papua New Guinea, I believe in thee. Please give me the pig along with two coconuts now.

Michelle: I just felt my boobs bounce when I did that.

David: Where do you think I can find balls ah, I need to buy balls.

Nick Davis: Don't worry, when you're with me, you only need one minute of heaven.

Nick Davis: What? Unretweeted love?


Michelle: Does Nicholas Chay moisturise his head? *waves hands around head*

Pinky: Eh pick me up again, pick me up again?

Tim 2: Yo' momma so stupid, she looked up the lyrics to 'Around the World'.

Robb: Dicks and vodka - having either one is fine, having both is superb.

Linda: Boobs are difficult to keep.

Robb: Why have one banana when you can have TWO yao char kuey?

Nic Chay: There's some powerful gigabyte shit goin' on here man.

Pinky: Can you help me light up my cigarette? Cuz you're burning hot, baby.

Okay so I cheated; I added one of Pinky's pickup lines as the last one just cuz OCDFresh inside me was going all, "Make it feefteeeeeen." Actually, a compilation of all Pinky's pickup lines could take up an entire post by themselves. Yeah. Maybe I should do that next. But I'm not sitting next to Pinky any more so that's gonna be so hard :'( Make sure you keep your promise and come give us some sex jokes/pickup lines whenever you wanna shit okay Pinky!


pinky tham said...

hahahah damn funny la you fresh! ok promise i will come out with more daily pick up lines! heheh

wenn said...

ya..some could be absurd..

KY said...

in another news, crazy ppl works at that office. lol

Serge Norguard said...


Anonymous said...

hahahahaha... whatlah you Fresh. You're keeping tabs too?

Robb said...

Hahaha, good tracking

Michelle said...

HAHAHA I wanna add on.

LIMPEH blog post worth 5k!!!!!

sara said...

Hahahahahahaaa! good one.

I can't believe you used the cervix one. in caps

fresh said...

pinky: your pickup lines are the best!! *blush*

wenn: hahaha yeah indeed :)

KY: wooohooooo crazy people FTW

serge: come lemme help you with that *smacks*

linda: i keep tabs in a nice way, see. unlike evilchubbs.

robb: i learn from the best :D

michelle: HAHAHAHA that one kenot!!

sara: i took that verbatim from you HAHAHA

joshuatly said...

wahahaha, so funny and random LOL