Sunday, November 28, 2010


I think I may have something to blog about but I'm not sure what. So here's a bunch of random, totally unrelated photos and equally random captions, which will hopefully keep you entertained for 2.5 seconds while I try to figure out what is it I wanna say.

Pick a god.

Look your enemy in the eye and don't back down. wtf.

Bright colours in a mess make me irrationally happy.

The street is our canvas.

All sunsets should be like this.

Last two photos taken with my BB... but edited with good ol' Photoshop-on-a-laptop. If only there were some apps, ANY apps at all which allowed photo editing on BlackBerries, I could die a happy pretentious amateur photo snob. And there would be more vaguely artsy lomo-esque photos for you to look at on my blog while you (hopefully) mourn my death WTF. Sometimes I should just stop spewing every random thought that pops into my head.


Joe:Cessa said...

Cool and superb photos :) (even with BB)!

Merryn said...

I like the 'Look at ur enemy' pic! that is awesome! Merry'n Christmas Fresh :D

fresh said...

Joe: thanks! long time no see :)

Merryn: thank you! happy new year to you :D