Friday, November 26, 2010

everyone connects turns 1

So if you read my previous post, you'll know that I went for the Everyone Connects Birthday Bash at The Curve on Sunday with a whole bunch of other people.

Upon arriving at the venue, I bumped into Shah who immediately declared, "I'm starting to like this event already!"

"Err what? Why? It hasn't even started yet."

"Ada banyak United logo ni."


Okay. Moving on... as I was saying earlier, the Everyone Connects Campaign is already one year old, and there's a new portal to boot.

It's based on the concept of an "Everyone Connects World", and you can choose between a Fella and a Felli (haha) to navigate the different sections of the site - Open House, Sini Maa, Jamming Garage, the EC Hall of Fame, and the Stadium. And those little avatar things don't just move around, they can connect and communicate with other people's avatar running around the site at the same time too! Check out the site for yourself here, it's meant to bring together all of TM's services, i.e. Unifi, HyppTV etc under one world. Pretty cool.

Anyway back to the event. The layout of the place was arranged so that they corresponded to the different sections of the site, so if you walked around you could see stuff like this cute 'Open House' model...

... and this Jamming Garage booth, among others.

Oh and you know you've made it in life when you're made into Celebriducks wtf. That's Bunkface by the way, one of the TM ambassadors.

Emcees of the day: Ben and Hunnymadu. Hunnymadu had cool shoes but I didn't manage to get a shot of that :(

(photo stolen from Jackieloi teehee)

After Ben and Hunnymadu had gone through a bunch of games with the crowd there, the TM ambassadors Bunkface and Summer Ash came by and sang Happy Birthday to EC, and there was cake too. Awww.

Bunkface performed after that, of course - I think half the crowd there was there just for Bunkface's performance. For good reason too; lead singer Sam is cuuuuuute :P Their accoustic set wasn't too shabby too. *cough*

And you know Summer Ash? I gotta admit I had no idea who that was before, but HELLO. This is Summer Ash.

Hot chick/pro gamer. She played a game of...... something..... (aiya sue me I'm terrible at this games stuff) live on the spot to demonstrate the speedily speedy speeds of TM's Unifi. Made us lust after Unifi, but also made the rest of us feel spectacularly uncoordinated at the same time :S

So yeah. That was EC's first birthday bash. Oh hang on, I forgot the balloons.

Now I'm done :P Do log on to to check out the revamped portal!

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