Monday, November 1, 2010

on all hallow's eve

23 bobby pins, 9 weird-shaped pins in varying sizes, and 2 rubber bands.

That's what it takes to be Audrey Hepburn for Halloween :P

Yep, the hair was the hardest part for me. Because I suck at being a girl, I paid someone else to do it... so the most expensive part of my costume ended up being the hairdo. Side note: if you sleep on a hairdo because it appears to be a voluminous cushion, but actually has 23 bobby pins in it, your head WILL hurt in the morning.

That sexy pantless pilot right there, that's Linda. Remember her? She calls me Basi, and I call her Chubbs. She is evil. And I have no idea why she's sticking a gun in my butt.

So yeah. That was Halloween 2010, or what goes in the few photos on this blog anyway. Facebook albums document most of the madness, as usual. Many much thanks to Jacqkie the mighty Wonder Woman for being an awesome host :D

If anything could sum up that night though, it would be this:

Everyone, say hi to the Nuffies ;)


KY said...

waa with pearl necklace too!

fresh said...

KY: hahaha ciplak wan lah broke 3 times in 1 night -.-

Yuenny said...

thank you for using the edited photo hahaha

michellezyenn said...

You spent so much on your hair but you don't have a picture of your hair do? how can? hahahha!

Merryn said...

I spotted Glambert in the last pic!!! hehe..