Sunday, November 7, 2010

till death do us part

There are only two emotions so powerful, we have them carved in stone so we never forget.


and grief.

Because when we're looking down the tunnel at the bright light and it's time to go, all the hatred, spite, jealousy, anger, vengeance, contempt and bitterness will dissolve into nothing. And what's left behind, are the ones whom you loved most, and those who loved you back. At the end of the day, what are we but the sum of the people who'd mourn their loss if we were gone?


you know why humans are not asexual beings? what the hell is heartache for? for poem. for music. to swim and be drowned in beautiful things.

A tweet by #drunktaliban some time ago - so heart-wrenching, so apt. Patrick has a soft side :)


KY said...

what about "delicious", that's not an emotion?!

fresh said...

hahaha yesh but your blog's not carved in stone is it? wtfwtf