Wednesday, December 22, 2010

focus on this

What's better than designer sunnies?

A lot of designer sunnies?

Well... close enough. How 'bout a lot of designer sunnies on a whole lotta pretty models ;)

Yeah, that pretty much sums up the Ms Focus Point event I went for last Friday, where Ms Tourism International contestants (all 51 of them O.O) descended on the Focus Point outlet in Fahrenheit 88 for a mini-pageant.

It was the first time I really had the chance to see what beauty-pageant-entering people looked like up close, and goddamn do they ever dwarf me :S And they have the power to make designer sunnies look really good too :P Or is it the other way round. I can't decide.

Say hi to the winner of Miss Focus Point - Miss Lithuania :)

When you're at an event with bloggers right, you can't escape getting photographed yourself ok. So here I am with (L-R) Shannon, Michelle, Yuen, Li Kee and Tian Chad. All pictures here except the 1st two are stolen from courtesy of Shannon's post, where you can also go for more pictures of the event BTW :D


KY said...

what's better than a pair of designer sunnies? black eyes to have excuses to wear them indoor!

fresh said...

KY: LOL well said!

veen dee said...

omg fresh i loooove ur dress!!