Tuesday, December 28, 2010

merry guinness

Okay blogging about food/drinks has never been my thing but what the heck, good things have to be shared right :P

Last week Uncle Eu mentioned that we hadn't met up since I got myself a straight head of hair (jeng jeng jeng!) so we decided to get some dinner at Modesto's, Capsquare.

Hello Uncle Eu! Oi why your expression like that wan.

I went for the minestrone (I have never learned how to pronounce this word but I love it anyway) soup and lasagna...

... while Sin Eu went all out for the zuppa di branzino and trancia al cartoccio. Tsktsktsk all the atas food with fancy names this fler. Actually it was just soup and codfish, which turned out to be really quite nice!

I know I really shouldn't have because I had a horribly painful cough at that time, but I just couldn't resist finishing off with some ice cream. My official excuse is that I couldn't help it, I was in a Christmassy mood. Yeah.

Aaaaaand my favourite part of the night has got to be the drinks :D Guess who had the full pint of Guinness? Heeheehee. There's this Happy Hour promotion at Modesto's now where you can get a full pint of Guinness at RM 17 and a half pint at RM 12 only before 10pm. Not bad right? Moar Guinness pleeeeeees *hic* come come let's go drink. Now, if only I could save enough to go back to Dublin where I once had the best Guinness in the world...


KY said...

my favoritest beer!

fresh said...

KY: i think it's my favourite too! :D