Wednesday, March 16, 2011

things that go floop in the night

I once told Yuen: "If a dress chooses you, BUY IT. Fuck poverty."

Yeah that would be the bimbo in me abandoning all pretense of being a sensible, money-conserving adult. I've always been notorious for being the shopaholic regardless of which group of friends I'm with at the time, and my bank account deficit balefully reminds me that it's been getting worse lately.

I have a theory though, for all this incessant shopping of mine; I have a sneaky feeling that it's the high of seeing something you KNOW would be perfect for yourself than the actual purchase which keeps me going. I don't know quite how to put it, but I'm sure fellow shopaholics would totally understand :P It's like you've found the dress/top/skirt/whatever that completes you and it makes your heart go 'floop!'

Which is the same feeling I get when traveling to new places and seeing new things, except with a thousand times more 'floops'. I crave it so, so much. I miss the excitement of planning a trip and looking forward to the date when I'd be leaving on a jetplane. And I don't get to travel much... so I settle for the little 'floops' of shopping instead :/ Flawed logic, I know, because it's the very thing that depletes my Tabung UK I mean, Tabung Travel-anywhere-cool really fast but please be reminded again of my bimbobrain.

So that's how I ended up spontaneously deciding to go on a weekend trip alone to Singapore last weekend to meet up with a couple of college friends. I needed the rush to keep me sane, really. I dunno if it worked though, because though I was in a 'Singapore mode' (as my exotic fiancee put it) all day yesterday, I find myself wondering when my next surprise trip will be again. sigh.

It's not easy to find something that takes your breath away, is it?


Huai Bin said...

Well, there are lots of places to go to and chill and feel like it's UK, but to actually go to UK would require a bit of a cut back on shopping sprees. ;)

I feel like a holiday too!

I don't care where I go actually, I can have fun even in vacation spots in Malaysia. :D

KY said...

yeaaa, i think we all need to go away like once every .. 3 months :D

LightYoruichi said...

Stop shopping liao.

Robb said...

If you wanna see a more ulu place called Ipoh, let me know. I'll be ur guide. LOL

La Petite Cherie said...

You have a Tabung Travel?