Thursday, April 19, 2012

marvel's the avengers

I can't believe The Avengers will be premiering so soon - I still remember everybody getting uber buzzed over the trailers last year!

So NuffnangMY asks: what superhero would you be if you could create a new member for The Avenger’s team, and how would you save the world?

Took me a while to think of something that wasn't "stopping time" or "invisible woman" or some totally common superpower for the plebeians like that; Yuen kindly suggested an superhero named "Grammar Nazi" (She'll stop you with one swing of the banhammer!) but nah. I've decided that my contribution to The Avengers would be the Dubstep Dude.

What? Dubstep is damn power okay. Just look at this video, behold the epic power of dubstep starting at 47 seconds in:

It works on all levels. During fights, Dubstep Dude could emanate sound waves so powerful he'd blast the bad guys in The Hulk's direction, where the big green guy would just proceed to crush them into dust. Or Dubstep Dude could use the sound waves to help propel Thor's hammer way further than it would've normally reached.

And besides, there's the point where everybody hates dubstep, so it could help irritate the hell out of the villains ("WAAARRGHHH WHAT IS THAT NOISE WHERE'S THE BEAT??") and make it easier for The Avengers to take them out while they're bleeding from their ears.

"But what if The Avengers hate dubstep too? I think Thor is more of a trance guy."

Aha! I knew you'd say that. The Avengers would all be inoculated against the effects of dubstep, so instead of being annoyed, they would enjoy a good dose of Skrillex while they go to battle.

C'mon, with that, even if Dubstep Dude wasn't the most valuable Avenger in battle, at least the movie would have an awesome soundtrack :P